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You're just moments away from unlocking the essential strategies, systems & support you need to learn, grow & thrive in business. 

Created by multi-award winning bookkeeper & practice owner, Martine Hoosen, Bookwiz Academy offers a selection of short courses and mentoring programs that will equip you with the resources, skills and confidence you need to build a successful bookkeeping practice (and scale it with your sanity in check!).

The Academy's monthly membership program provides an additional layer of support and guidance via an invaluable resource library stocked with 100s of practical tools, templates, and guides, Live Q&As with Martine, and a community of fellow members who have your back.


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Join multi-award winning Founder Martine Hoosen for her most popular webinar - The Bookkeeper's Guide to Pricing.

Discover the strategies, systems & support you need to create .

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Give new employees the best chance of success with effective onboarding.

This Onboarding Plan takes you through key components of the first 12 weeks of employee onboarding.

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We all know that the only way to truly develop and accelerate our bookkeeping or advisory business is to spend more time working on it, rather than in it. 

Bookwiz Academy is designed to make that process, and commitment, as easy as possible for both budding and established business owners.

Inside the Academy, Founder Martine Hoosen gives you exclusive, instant access to the tried and tested strategies, systems and insights she uses in her own multi-award winning bookkeeping & advisory business. With over 23 years in the game, Martine still walks the walk as both a business owner and practising bookkeeper, and she's sharing all her learnings, resources and experience.

Unlock all the benefits and get ready to create a happy, healthy and profitable bookkeeping business.


Jola Abiodun

Founder, Green Mints Business Services

"The step-by-step methodology outlined in the Academy resources gave me the guidance and confidence to take a leap of faith. I'm thrilled to report that I've successfully transitioned 70% of my clients to fixed monthly billing, and the results have been astounding.

My revenues have surged by over 80%!

I'm deeply grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experience you generously share. Thank you for your invaluable insights and guidance."


You know what you want to achieve in your business, though don't know where to start.

You've been thinking about going out on your own for a while, though struggling to take the leap.

You've got some great ideas about how to improve your business, though don't know how to get them off the ground and convert them into an action plan.

You ricochet between feeling excited, proud and inspired - and overwhelmed, confused and out of control, and wish you had the processes, procedures and systems to make sense of it all.

There's a lot more to running a business and team than you thought, and (strangely) you don't have all the answers. And even if you did, how could you possibly fit it all in?!

Your business is up and running, though it isn't performing as well as you hoped. You want to attract and win dream clients, or grow your team, and build your business, though are fresh out of ideas, time or motivation (or all of the above).

You wish you had an industry expert in your corner. Or, better yet, a whole community of peers who get what you're going through.

I hear you! I've been there too.

And it's exactly why I started Bookwiz Academy.


Gain instant access to all our member benefits, designed specifically for bookkeepers, accountants and advisors at all stages of their business (or career) journey.



Bookwiz Academy is an online membership and mentoring program that provides the practical resources, tools and support you need to help you reach your business, or career, dreams.

Each and every month you receive a host of exclusive member benefits, including unlimited access to a fully-loaded resource library with 100s of practical tools & learningsdeep dives into industry relevant feature topics, two Live Q&As with Founder Martine Hoosen each month, product demonstrations, insights from experts in their fields, a whole bunch of community support, and more.



Our content creators & mentors each have 20+ years experience & are here to provide you with skills, tools, systems & support.


Our structured, easy to follow programs allow you to hone in on the specific areas you need to build your business.


Running your own business can be tough. We love what we do & are here to help you thrive (not just survive).



Martine Hoosen launched Bookwiz Pty Ltd in 2000. As a newly-single mum of two energetic boys, she was determined to gain her financial independence and thrive, in business (and in life).

Martine soon turned a solo operation into a multi-award-winning national franchise, and established a reputation as an industry leader, trainer and mentor.

Since launching Bookwiz, Martine has run a successful nationally franchised bookkeeping and financial advisory business; created and facilitated training and development programs to industry professionals; created and run Local Government Financial Literacy Workshops for small business owners; volunteered as a Franchise Council of Australia (WA) committee member to help advocate the importance of business & financial knowledge to the franchise sector; and most recently launched Bookwiz Academy to help others succeed in the industry.

Bookwiz Academy represents the culmination of Martine's 21 years of experience as a bookkeeper, business owner, mentor, and training facilitator. And perhaps more importantly - it represents her passion and commitment to helping others create successful businesses and careers, and achieve financial freedom.

Offering both membership and 1:1 mentoring programs, Bookwiz Academy supports, mentors and celebrates bookkeepers, accountants, and advisors by providing them with resources, insights and knowledge to learn, grow and thrive.


Access the resources, knowledge, and support you need to build and grow your bookkeeping business, with a monthly Bookwiz Academy Membership.

Level up with a customised Mentoring program with Martine Hoosen, designed to meet your specific needs and objectives. 

Or jump into a short course to skill up on a specific area of the business, or overcome challenges you are facing. 

What ever level of support you need - we've got your back!

Bookwiz Academy Monthly Membership


Full Access Membership

  • Full access to the complete Academy resource library.
  • 100s of industry relevant learning modules,¬†lessons,¬†resources, videos & more.
  • 2 x Live Q&As with Founder Martine Hoosen¬†each month.
  • Direct access to the strategies, systems &¬†tools¬†that Martine uses within her own multi-award winning bookkeeping business.
  • Supportive community¬†hub & private facebook group.
  • Industry leading learning platform & app.
  • Bonus webinars & Q&As¬†with expert guest¬†contributors.
  • Learn from an industry leader who lives & breathes bookkeeping. Martine still actively runs a thriving practice, so you can be confident that material is relevant and current.

The Bookkeeper's Ultimate Pricing Strategy Short Course

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Pricing Short Course

  • Full Bookwiz Academy membership benefits for the duration of your course.
  • 6 modules of strategies, systems and¬†support taking you through how to¬†create & implement¬†the ultimate pricing strategy for your bookkeeping business.
  • Determine the pricing model that's the best fit for your practice.
  • Understand strategic, financial¬†& technical components.
  • Pricing process step-by-step.
  • Create & leverage your service menu.
  • Calculate your minimum fee per clients.
  • Build out your fees & package options.
  • Build in value & optimise profit.
  • Create an implementation plan & transition existing clients.¬†
  • Supportive community¬†hub & private facebook group.
  • Industry leading learning platform & app.
  • Practical resources like tools, guides, templates, demos, webinars, Q&As & more.

Bookwiz Academy Mentoring Program

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Customised Mentoring Program

  • Full Bookwiz Academy membership benefits for the duration of your Mentoring Program.
  • Customised mentoring program designed to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Group mentoring programs to connect with a community of people in the same stage of business, or overcoming the same challenges.
  • Strategies, systems and¬†support directly from multi-award winning¬†Founder Martine Hoosen.
  • Supportive community¬†hub & private facebook group.
  • Industry leading learning platform & app.
  • Practical resources like tools, guides, templates, demos, webinars, Q&As & more.


With over 23 years experience as a bookkeeper, business owner, mentor, and training facilitator, I hear a lot of stories about the struggles, frustrations and roadblocks that people in the industry, like you, experience. But, more than that - I know it first hand!

I've been there too, and I wanted to do something, build something, that would help you to learn, grow and thrive (not just survive!).



Kristi Adams

The wealth of experience that Martine willingly shares has been invaluable to me, teaching me a high level of bookkeeping skills across a large scope of industries, and enabling me to have the confidence to move forward with my own business.” 

Angela Yates

Working with Martine has helped me achieve my dream of becoming a business owner.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience due to Martine’s expertise and guidance. Without this support and leadership, I would not be in the position I am in today.

Jessica Browne

"I've learnt a lot and now have all the templates, tricks and tools to expand my business. 

I am very confident to move forward and pass some of the blocks I had in business, that I just really wanted to get past though had been hanging on to for quite a few years."


Access all the benefits for half the price of your daily coffee (a 90s priced coffee at that!).

Gain instant access to all our member benefits, including an ever growing  resource library full of the essential resourcessupport, & advice you need to learn, grow & thrive in business.

SIGN ME UP (I'll keep the coffee too)


‚úĒ  Small business owners running established bookkeeping, accounting or financial services practices who want to level up their business, increase profit, build efficiencies, get organised with proven processes, grow their team, attract and win dream clients, or simply gain back control over their business (and life!). 

‚úĒ  People who have been thinking about going out on their own, though don't know where to start and want to give themselves the best chance of success, with the right tools, procedures, and systems behind them.

‚úĒ  Practice owners or managers who are committed to building their skillset, improving processes, and growing their business and willing to put in the work to realise their dreams (we'll give you the tools, though you need to do the work!).

‚úĒ  People who want to build their business and career with confidence, knowing they are on the right track, with the right tools, knowledge and support behind them.

‚úĒ  Bookkeepers, accountants and advisors who appreciate being part of a greater community, having and being a sounding board, and supporting each other.

‚úĒ  Business owners and managers who want to give their team access to best practice processes, a valuable resource library, and support though don't have the time or systems to do this themselves.


‚úĖ  Anyone looking for an overnight success story. Bookwiz Academy requires a commitment to learning, development and growth. We're with you every step of the way - so long as you step up!

‚úĖ  People who expect to put in the minimum to get out the maximum. We believe you get out of life what you put in. There are lots of tips in here, though no cheap tricks.

‚úĖ  Anyone who wants a set-and-forget strategy. Sorry, though in today's world, this doesn't exist. You need to be committed to keeping up with the industry, business trends, tech, and legislative chances.

‚úĖ  Business owners who aren't willing, or ready, to work on, not just in, their business. We get that this is hard and it is a constant juggle, though you really need to make that commitment. 

‚úĖ  People swayed by shallow promises. We guarantee the quality of our services, and you can cancel any time if you're not satisfied. Though we can't guarantee the success of your business. No-one can (or should) promise you this, as at the end of the day, you're the one in the driver's seat.

‚úĖ  People not interested in sharing the journey. We have a whole community of industry peers ready to have your back and help you grow. Though the best results come when it's a two-way street.


Gain instant access to all our member benefits, designed by multi-award winning bookkeeper & business owner, Martine Hoosen. If you find that it's not for you, or the timing isn't quite right, we get it - you can put your membership on pause or cancel any time. We won't lock you in to any contracts or make it awkward, because at the end of the day - it's all about you and what's right for your business journey.



We love questions. Let us try to predict some for you, though feel free to ask if we've missed anything.


"Thanks so much for spending the time to check out the Academy - it really is the first step towards gaining true control over your business and your journey to continually learn, grow and thrive.

Chances are you started out in this industry because you're passionate about what you do, love helping others, and have a penchant for spreadsheets.

The dream of financial freedom and work life balance beaconed, and you decided to go out on your own. Or maybe you're about to.

Like, me, you've probably come to realise that running your own business can be rollercoaster. One moment you're excited, inspired, and motivated, and the next you're overwhelmed, confused and exhausted. 

It's a huge undertaking to transition from employee to business owner. You go from being a master of your domain, to looking down the barrel of whole lot of new skills you need to acquire. System integrations, client acquisition and communication,  pricing strategies, compliance, marketing campaigns, recruitment and team management.... Anyone secretly dream of being an employee again?!

I've lived and breathed the highs and the lows of owning a bookkeeping business, franchise, and now Academy for for the past 21+ years. 

I've hustled, pivoted, evolved, learnt and grown a lot!  And I've developed a valuable library of resources, knowledge and insights into how to run an effective business. I know, first hand, that there is a better, easier, more enjoyable, and more successful way. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you!

Keep thriving, 



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